postgres Konfigurtion unter Windows 7

I want to recover a poastgres database created under linux (suse as far as I can remember) encoded with Latin1.
So I installed Postgres under Windows 7 without knowing the restrictions according the encoding under windows.
I know that it is possible even under windows 7 to configure the server to use latin1 encoding.
But after installing postgres the first time, i never again got the chance to configure the encoding. I tried to uninstall and reinstall postgres several times. Allways with the same result. I never again got the chance to configure the server to use latin1.

where i´m wrong? whats my failure?
After uninstalling I searched all partitions for postgres related files and deleted all found files. Also I searched the whole registry for postgres related entries and deleted all found entries. Allways with the same result: After installing postgres there was bo chance to configure the server!


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how did your “Backup” look like ?
did you “Dump” out Data ?

pg_dumpall > outputfile

Postgres have “Catalog” where you create a new “Database”.

when create a “Catalog”, default using v9.x, is UTF-8 Coding which you can change.
“Database” create in a “Catalog” will use same Coding by default.

your “Backup” Data belong to one (or more) “Database” which you can “restore” with

psql -d postgres -f outputfile

if both Server are online and active you can try this

pg_dumpall -p 5432 | psql -d postgres -p 5433