[News]: PostgreSQL Magazine #01 is out !

The PGMag team is very pleased to announce the release of the first issue of PostgreSQL Magazine.
This issue #01 is brought to you thanks to the collective work of dozen of people. Writers, Editors, Reviewers. Kudos to them all !
Here’s a quick view of the ToC :

  • PostgreSQL 9.1 : 10 awesome new features
  • NoSQL : The Key Value store everyone ignored
  • Interview : Stefan Kaltenbrunner
  • Opinion : Funding PostgreSQL Features
  • Waiting for 9.2 : Cascading Streaming Replication
  • Tips & Tricks : PostgreSQL in Mac OS X Lion

The magazine is available online and on paper. You can either :

Finally, I would like to thank our benefactors… Fotolia.com has offered us a free subscription plan to access their stock photo database. We also received fundings from PostgreSQL Europe (PGEU) and Software in the Public Interest (SPI). Thanks a lot to them !