[News]: Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server BETA with Multi-Master support is now av

Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master is available now under our Beta program.
Here is the exciting list of benefits delivered by this new Postgres tool designed for applications in need of write availability and read scalability:

  • Continuous database integration between writable database servers with automatic conflict resolution
  • Data synchronization across geographies
  • Enhanced high availability for write performance
  • Improvement of write performance

Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master operates on clusters of PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server version 8.4 and higher.
This beta release is available for Linux x86-64, with more platforms(1) scheduled to be released shortly. Download the software now at: http://www.enterprisedb.com/download-xdb-replication-server
Feature highlights:

  • Update more than 1 master database at the same time
  • Synchronize masters across geographies
  • Multiple conflict resolution strategies
  • Replicate one or more tables
  • Automatic Schema replication
  • Publication table DDL replication
  • Graphical replication console and CLI
  • Replication history viewer

(1) Linux x86-32, Win x86-64, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86-64 and HP-UX. If you wish to receive an alert when your desired platform is available, let us know at: http://www.enterprisedb.com/multi-master-replication
Download the software now. Beta documentation is available for download at that page, too. We request that you post inquiries for technical support to our xDB forums.
Sincerely, The EnterpriseDB Team