[News]: New Product Launch – dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL!

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a Postgre Data Diff and Sync tool that allows users to review all the differences in compared tables and execute an automatically generated script to remove these differences. The process of comparison and synchronization is customizable, providing an ability to select tables and fields for comparison and adjust multiple comparison options. With the Windows Task scheduler the database synchronization process can be easily automated.
Data Compare for PostgreSQL key features:

  • Flexible customization of database object mapping.

Automatical or manual schemas, tables, views and columns mapping. Custom mapping can be applied to schemas or database objects that can not be mapped automaticaly.

  • Comfortable view of data differences.

Convenient display of data comparison results in the Data Comparison document considerably facilitates the processing of data comparison results. Database objects can be filtered by the differences.

  • Comparison Report Generation

Generate a comparison results report, choose the most convenient form of its display: Excel or HTML, and select objects that have to be reported.

  • Full control over data to synchronize.

Trouble-free exclusion of tables and individual records from the synchronization after the comparison.

  • Easy to use Data Synchronization wizard.

Synchronization settings can be easily customized with the help of Data Synchronization Wizard. Users can backup target database before synchronization. Generated synchronization script can be immediately applied to the target database or saved in a file.

  • Warnings of possible data loss and various notifications.

If errors or data loss occur because of types incompatibility the user will be warned about it. The user will also receive notifications about data overflow, roundings, etc.

  • Large script execution.

With dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL large scripts can be executed without opening script in the SQL editor and loading the whole script in memory. When trying to open a large script, the user will be prompted to execute it instead with the help of the Execute Script Wizard.

  • Compare and sync data via command line.

There is no need to open the application and go through the wizard pages any more. Now command line can be used to compare and synchronize data.

  • Friendly GUI.

Data Compare for PostgreSQL provides a self-intuitive user interface that largely reduces the amount of time spent on learning how to use the new product and benefit from it.
[h=2]Availability[/h] Give the new dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL a test drive by downloading the 30-day trial Standard edition at the product*download page. Data Compare for PostgreSQL Standard edition is available for an estimated retail price of $99.95. Provide feedback and speak out about the new tool on the Product Forum. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.
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