[News]: Free Beta of PG 9.2 from Gandi.net

Gandi.net is creating a PG 9.2 instance in a PaaS format. Feedback wanted!
The PaaS is called “Simple Hosting”, and includes Apache and PHP as well as 9.2.
The Instance is available for free beta use on request. Anyone desiring an instance should email:
[h=2]beta-simple@gandi.net[/h] You will need an account on Gandi’s website, which is free, and we will give you a code to use to create an instance.
It’s pretty straightforward. You get phppgadmin as well as console access. There is a 10 GB disk, and it’s useful out of the box as a moderate web server.
Gandi would appreciate any and all feedback. We want to do PostgreSQL right.