[News]: Barman 1.1.2 released

Version 1.1.2 of Barman, backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL, has been officially released and is publicly available for download.
This minor release includes:

  • Support for the “configuration_files_directory” option that allows to include multiple server configuration files from a directory
  • Support for special backup IDs: latest, last, oldest, first
  • Management of multiple servers to the ‘list-backup’ command: ‘barman list-backup all’ now list backups for all the configured servers.
  • Support for “application_name” management for PostgreSQL >= 9.0
  • Fix of bug #18: ignore missing WAL files if not found during delete

Download and general information ==
You can find more information on Barman at www.pgbarman.org.

Ubuntu 12.10 and Debian sid packages available through apt.
[h=1]About Barman[/h] Barman (acronym for Backup And Recovery MANager) is an open source administration tool for disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in Python for Linux systems. It allows remote backups of multiple Postgres servers in business critical environments and helps database administrators during the recovery phase.
Barman’s most wanted features include backup catalogues, retention policies, remote recovery, archiving and compression of WAL files and backups. Built on top of PostgreSQL’s robust and reliable Point-In-Time-Recovery technology, Barman allows database administrators to manage the backup and recovery phases of several PostgreSQL database servers from a centralised location, using an intuitive command interface.
Barman is distributed under GNU GPL 3.