Help to read data from files

A Jira Software system was installed on Windows Server 2003 (x86) with a connection to the PostgreSQL 9.3 (x86) database.
After the hdd disk crash, most of the files in the folder “date” were restored, but the PostgreSQL server does not start (due to absence of some files)!
Unfortunately, there are no backups…

How can I get the data from files?
Are there any programs for viewing data in “date/base” folder files?

Without a backup you can’t really do anything.

The files in the data (not “date” btw) directory need to be complete and if you are not a very experienced Postgres DBA you shouldn’t touch that at all.

There are Postgres support companies that can help you with that, see for a list of possible companies. But the very first thing you have to do is to copy the existing files to a safe place before you try anything

where are you located?

without backup and after you have manipulated files in data-dir it’s nearly impossible to recover the database. Was the database running on the windows-server? What is the exact error-message?

can we switch to german?

i would say: see it as an teaching and take backups in the future.

PostgreSQL is crash-safe, but a damaged hard-disk and no backups …