ERROR: syntax error at or near "psql"

I need quick help I am using PgAdmin 4 and there tool sql command box and I am running below command but I am getting below error.

Command : psql -u -h -d postgres -f F:\PGBackup\JiVsDB.out

Error : ERROR: syntax error at or near “psql”

This is a command, which is used in terminal

This is an error, which indicates, the command above had been fired in sql environment (like pgadmin offers it).

So use a terminal with a postgres client installation in place and fire your command.

Since I don’t know pgadmin 4, this information migth be incorrect and pgadmin 4 is also able to run such a command (by offering a console feature itself)

the sql-query-tool in pgadmin is for pure sql-commands, but your command is for the command shell to start psql, the command-line-interface for PostgreSQL. Please don’t just copy everything you find somewhere on the internet without understanding it. By the way, this is a German forum.

Not putting from internet we are getting this error I do understand from above answer. Thanls

Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort, sie war sehr hilfreich für mich, ich habe es geschafft, alles zu lösen.

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